Equipping for Ministry

H201 North American Church History

Beginning with pre-colonial times and moving through the late twentieth century, this course introduces you to Christianity in the United States and Canada. You will encounter churches, movements, and individuals and consider how successfully Christians and their communities fulfilled their callings as followers of Jesus. In addition to basic texts, you will read some interesting primary sources, write responses to specific questions, and give special consideration to the place of the Brethren in Christ on the North American Christian landscape.

SYLLABUS WRITER: David Weaver-Zercher, Ph.D.
FACILITATOR: Peter von Keyserling, D.Min.



The per-course fee is $150.00.

A limited number of scholarships are available. To apply for a scholarship, send a written description of your need including the exact amount of aid you are requesting to Donna Sturr, registrar for Equipping for Ministry.