Shalom! A Journal for the Practice of Reconciliation is a quarterly publication of the Brethren in Christ Church. Its mission is to educate and stimulate Christ-like responses to the needs of society by providing biblical, theological, sociological, denominational and personal perspectives on a variety of comtemporary issues.

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Current Issue

Spring 2014, "Healing from Trauma"
Mental health professionals are learning that when individuals have major depression, severe anxiety or some other mental health diagnosis, one of the most important first questions to ask is whether there has been any trauma. Asking the question has been likened to the “universal precautions” that are common in public health. Knowing the back story to the presenting mental health problem makes it more likely that the treatment the individual receives will be “trauma-informed” and won’t add another trauma to what the person has already experienced. In the church, where we believe that Jesus can bring emotional and spiritual healing, it’s also important to be trauma-informed. We know that many people who come through our doors have experienced and/or continue to experience trauma, and we need to be sensitive to their need for love, grace and compassionate and appropriate care. This edition of Shalom! includes not only some analysis of the effect of trauma and how healing happens, but also stories of individuals who have experienced great trauma and significant healing.

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