Weekly Prayer Requests - 11/16

Just a “cup of cold water” was given in His name,But the soul of the giver was never the same!For he found that when giving was done with a zest,Both the heart of the giver and taker were blest.  ~Anon

Congregational Development

Pray for the pastoral committee at Saville (Ickesburg, PA) as they work together to discern who shouldbe their next pastor. Pray for Pastor Eugene Heidler as he serves as interim pastor.

Pomeroy Chapel BIC (Smithville, TN) is in a pastoral search. Pray for them to clearly know the mind of God in their selection.

Pray for Harrisburg BIC (PA) as they continue the renovation of their new facility. Pray for a smooth transition and the process of restructuring. Praise the Lord for filling the Pastor of Administration position.


Continue to pray for the search committee as it seeks a replacement for Darrell Winger as General Secretary of the Brethren in Christ Church.

Church Planting

Horizon Community (Oklahoma City, OK) is looking for a new pre-school director. Pray God would bring the right person to this congregation.

Pray for Pastor Gary Warden, BeavercreekCommunityChurch (OH), and his team as they complete the construction of their website as the “backbone” of their publicity campaign.

World Missions

Praise the Lord with our covenant missionary in central Asia that there are now six Christian books printed and distributed in her country.   Also praise Him that permission has been granted for two new books to be translated and printed.  Pray that she will know how to balance translation projects, course writing, while giving support to Christian and non-Christian friends, who really need to make progress in course writing.

Ask God to continue building the core group as Dave and Patricia Miller move toward the beginning of the new church plant in Terrebonne, Québec.  They desire to be strong in faith, hope and love as they prepare to begin regular times of worship starting in January 2006.

Three of the BICWM Regional Administrators are carrying out their official duties this month - Ken Hoke, to Nepal and India, Jake Shenk to Zambia, and Mark Garis to Colombia and VenezuelaPray that God will protect them and give them fruitful interaction with national church leaders and missionaries.

Pray for Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Moyo, missionaries from Zimbabwe to Botswana, as they strive to learn a new language and fit into a new culture.  Pray especially that they will make the right decisions concerning the education of their two young school-age sons.

Thank the Lord that JL's Temporary Employment Permit (necessary for a visa) has finally been approved so that he and E are officially allowed to remain in Malawi.  J is excited now that he has begun visiting Bible studies with DM.  Although he cannot completely follow the Yao conversation, these opportunities provide added stimulation to study hard.

The outreach team reports a very successful effort in Sesheke (Zambia) in the Western Province.  Pray for Pastor C. Samboko who has remained there to provide pastoral leadership for this new church for the first year.

Praise God for the faith of Lula Garcia and her daughter, Shelby, and twin sons, Sheldon and Shannon (New Mexico).  Pray for the salvation of her siblings and their children, and her mother for whom she provides daily care.

Praise God for 12 new believers (Nepal) who recently followed the Lord in baptism.  Pray that they will grow strong spiritually and experience the power of the Holy Spirit in resisting temptations to follow unhealthy and sinful patterns of their non-Christian neighbors and family members.

Pray that God will show Pablo Ortego where to live and where to start a new church plant in the area of Los Teques (Venezuela).


Pray for Michael and Elizabeth Abell, church planting couple of New Vision, (Pewaukee, WI). They are presently raising financial support, prayer and ministry partners in Pennsylvania. Michael fell down a flight of stairs and broke a bone in the elbow area of his right arm and two minor fractures in his left ankle. Pray that God will ease the pain and speed the healing as they try to continue with contacts. Pray for Elizabeth as she assumes the driving responsibility for the remainder of the trip.

GracePoint (Ontario, CA) – Pray for Joel Jeffers, who fell off a ladder and fractured his knee while setting up for GracePoint’s first public Bible study.

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